“A Day Like Any Other” by Musa Askari

Liaqat Begum w/o Syed Hasan Askari

On the passing of my mother Liaqat Begum, written in 2007 by Musa Askari

It was a day like any other. The dawn light would emerge slowly enveloping the night. The stars would fade in the sky and the sun would rise brining with it all the glory it had to bestow upon the earth. This rising would remind all those with eyes to see that the Universal Soul was taking its place upon the Throne of creation. The Universal Soul emanating as a ray of light from the Sun of all suns, One who sustains all that simply; is.

On such a day she would rise from her sleep that morning perhaps with no idea that this was the last day upon the earth. That the ordinary everyday things she did every morning and afternoon would take on greater significance simply because it would be the last time she would perform them.

The last time she would look at herself in the mirror and see her reflection looking back at her as she preformed her morning ablutions and combed her hair and put on her clothes. The last time she would see an image of her image. An image that was a reflection of her very soul.

The last time she would prepare food and eat her last meal or take a sip of water or take a cup of warm tea into her gentle hands. How was she to know that as she held that cup so carefully it was the same way God had held her all throughout her life?

The last time she would tend her garden and clean the weeds and turn the soil so that it would breathe with more ease. The last time she would smell the fragrance of a flower or feel the earth in her hands. The very dust from which her Lord had made her body is what she tended to. This earth that she tended was a creation of the inner peace that always resided within her soul, alas that she could have tasted this peace more in her life.

The last time she would feel the wind upon her face and hear the flutter of birds’ wing and their song. The last time she would wipe her brow or feel a rain drop fall in to her hand.

The last time she would pray salat to her Maker and offer up her last prayer.

The last time she would speak with another, a son, a daughter, her grandchildren, her brother, her husband.

Then would come the time when tired and fatigued from her toil in the garden she would take her last footsteps in to the house. The footsteps that began when she first walked as a child in to her mothers’ arms were now about to end. The last thoughts that passed through her mind and the last memory, recent or old, that would flash across her consciousness. The last time she would lie down never to rise as a body again. The last breath as she slept and everything within her came to rest and she was returned from which she came. May God have mercy on her Soul.

Her last day was a good day. With her tending the garden she left a sign for others. Always tend to the garden of your mind. Clear out the weeds of thoughts that infect your emotions and distract you from yourself and from those you love and have hurt you. Remember they are weak also. Having done that pay attention as time passes to new weeds and clear them. Having done that turn the soil of your mind and regenerate with new flowers and let kindness blossom like a spring morning. Then you will see and feel that you are becoming free and able to see things as they really are.  

On the passing of a loved one we often think of ourselves here and when was the last time we saw them, held them, talked to them and heard their voice. It is also worth taking time to ponder what was their last day like? What was it like to have done the normal things for the last time?

It was like any other day.

*Therein, hides the beauty and kindness of God to my dear mother. That on taking her back He will not alarm her. He will not let fear come into her heart on the last day by letting her know it is the last day. Not on this day.

To Him belongs the Dominion, to Him belongs the Command.

In the very everydayness He has enveloped His Mercy to you on the last day. In the ordinary hides often the extra-ordinary. That God has weaved his taking you back in to the very fabric of your outward existence. When he is able to do this in your outer life what can he not do for you in your inner reflective and meditative life?

The inner life is what remains enshrined in the soul. This is the insignia within the soul of its association with body and leaving it again. The inner life has now burst through and can wait no longer to be the outer life of the soul. God is truly kind in helping with this transition by not alarming you on the last day.

As in birth a baby does not know it is about to be born so in death the mind and heart do not know with certainty that this is the day. He is the First and the Last. He is there at the birth of your life in this world, from the first cell to the passing of your life from this world. Why would he want to alarm you?

Every Day and Every Night and throughout all the days and nights He is ever-present. In such a presence we are humbled and truly kind and forgiving to each-other. By such a presence peace makers act and peace is bestowed and troubles are left far behind.

Every Day God gives you back your soul and so you rise to see your loved ones again and live another day until the last day. So live now until whatever day that be, live not in the past but in the now. In the everyday and ordinary God is to be found also.

She closed her eyes, she was tired now and wanted to rest and God heard her call and I pray she rests eternally and the flowers bloom eternally.

Oh my mother I remember you this day.

Salam alai kum. Salam alai kum. Salam alai kum.

Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you

* (And if there be a period allotted to all by fate, to anticipate the hour could not be a happy act” Plotinus)

11 thoughts on ““A Day Like Any Other” by Musa Askari”

  1. A very beautiful piece of writing and I read it as the first thing in the morning. Although, knowing all this, I feel I am reading it for the first time. I think your words made me realise how everyday is a NEW day and things should start on a fresh note. I really enjoyed the commentary on the garden, it is absolutely beautiful. I am sure that your Mother is now Existence, she is now this Formless Consciousness and this Energy will definitely continue to be loving towards you. Thank you for putting this up for me to read.


  2. Oh, Musa, that’s beautiful, you do have a poetic soul and a rare sensitiveness. If we lived as if every day was our last, we would pay attention to the little things we don’t notice in our daily routines and realize how sacred they are — we can transform one second of our physical existence into eternal wisdom when we do things with love, because lessons learned never disappear, even though our bodies succumb to time. Both your mother and father’s wisdom continues to live through you, a genuine demonstration of eternity. Peace be upon your mom, I’m sure she made her way peacefully towards the source. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, take care 🙂


  3. Dear Connor, Rahul, Thais
    My sincere thanks for your taking time to read and taking the trouble to post a comment. I am humbled by it, sincerely. I am glad this sharing has been so beautifully recevied by you all. Your kindness to my mother’s Soul much, much appreciated.
    Blessings in return to you. With Gratitude,


  4. Hi Musa,

    Good to read once again this piece. It is 4 years to this day, we lost the physical presence of our mother. But as you know she lives on in the presence of our souls and thoughts. Her physical presence is not to be seen through her eye, but with my and our eye and our childern her presence is left – each of my existence.

    Consider these thoughts of mine a source of love we had for her and between us.

    I remember each day – as if it is my last and in similar fashion our father.

    May god have peace and blesses on their souls.

    Love as always.


  5. Really loved it. Well written and beautiful. May she rest in peace and may you keep sharing these thoughts/feelings and poems and articles with us for a long time to come.


  6. What a beautiful tribute to a loving and wonderful soul, thank you for sharing this. It’s so very true that when we lose someone we think of what we will miss, having them in our lives but this made me realise that not physically being with us is all that has changed, they will always be there in our thoughts and memories and most of all our heart. It also made me see leaving this world from their eyes and how graceful that can be. I believe we die as we live and your mother (forgive me if I’m presuming) sounds like a remarkable woman who tended her loved ones so well, like her garden.


  7. Feeling touched to read your thoughts on your mother’s passing away. .An excellent and most befitting way of showing tribute to your Mom on this Woman’s Day.


  8. It is touching the inner heart of a person reading it. Excellent presentation of a son to mom. This is not the world to live since God has created death first and life next as Sura Rahman bears testimony to this.
    May Allah rest your mothers soul in peace . Ameen.


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