“Conviction of the Heart- Hasan Askari” by Mia Caruso

Mia Caruso is a voice for The Soul. She is the creator of Soul Magic-The Movement, dedicated to connecting humanity with its true power and Spiritual Essence. Mia teaches with passion that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and our true power comes from aligning the intentions of our human personality, with the nature of our eternal Soul. Continue reading about Mia at http://soulmagic.biz/?page_id=2 

“Conviction of the Heart- Hasan Askari”

By Mia Caruso written on 15thApril 2011 http://soulmagic.biz/?p=395

I learned this week, that as a voice for the Soul, and a Channel for God’s love, I must be open to receive the many teachers God will send to help me in my work in the world.  I have become friends with Hasan Askari’s son Musa @alone2alone, on Twitter.  This week Musa and I had this magic twitter moment when a simple conversation turned into a moment of Soul Awakening.  As a result, I learned about who Hasan Askari was and I was introduced to his writings.  As this was happening I could feel deeply that Hasan was an important man of love and spirituality, and that I needed to read his works.  As I began reading some of his writings,  I started to see that this man spoke of a new world, in which all people of all religions first see themselves united as Divine souls, each an individual part of the same glorious God.  He said in the article, From Interreligious Dialogue to Spiritual Humanism, (2004) “Before we ask about the other, out there, we should ask about the other in us, our nobler and loftier companion, our Soul, which with one hand holds our body and mind here on earth, and with the other holds on to the Divine.” He goes on to say, “We have first to wake up from the spell which our collective identity, whether it be race or religion has cast upon us, and see the sun of awareness rising in the horizon of souls.”

I give thanks to God for sending me the words and thoughts of Hasan Askari.  I will treasure them and they will add much strength to the conviction of my heart.  To read more about Hasan Askari visit, https://spiritualhuman.wordpress.com/. Here is my channeled message about this topic:

Dear God, please tell me about my knowing Hasan Askari and his son Musa….

Good morning dearest Mia Soul Magic.  The birds sing songs of love and joy outside your window today.  They rejoice in the glory of a new sun rising.  They are simple creatures, and they live simply to be, and enjoy the gift of life and nature.  This is a gift to you, for as a voice for your immortal Soul, so must you live simply to be and enjoy your life and nature.  Hasan Askari was a man who sought the face of God in all and everyone.  He was a pioneer, a visionary and a pillar of the new earth.  His writings speak of the gentleness of human kindness when mankind is aware of its everlasting presence at the table of the Creator of all.  I have sent you his works for wisdom and inspiration.  For your work in the world, your special message of love can only be fortified by his great strength and conviction.  It takes conviction of the heart to be a pillar of the new world.  This man had this quality and most importantly a deep love for the Soul and the gift it had to give as the great equalizer of all of mankind.  Every person who walks the planet has this in common, the essence of who they truly are, the light that shines brightly combining with the light of the great I AM!  Take the messages you find in the writings and thoughts of Hasan Askari and use them as a lantern to help light your way Mia.  Take them into your heart and allow them to light an even deeper more vibrant fire of love for the Soul within you.  Be well Mia and know that I am always with you.  Rejoice!



3 thoughts on ““Conviction of the Heart- Hasan Askari” by Mia Caruso”

  1. Mia,
    Your article is a testimony to Hasan’s words in action. Many of us who have had the privilege to be introduced to Hasan Askari though Musa are also being drawn together in love. No matter where we come from, or what our background is, we see the One in All first and foremost. As you pointed out so well from Hasan’s work, “We have first to wake up from the spell which our collective identity, whether it be race or religion has cast upon us, and see the sun of awareness rising in the horizon of souls.”
    Thank you Mia
    Warm love,
    Lee & Steven


  2. Hello Aline and Lee & Steven,

    I feel so blessed to read your beautiful comments about Conviction of the Heart. I do believe that Hasan Askari, is an example of the definition of Soul Magic, as his work touches so many hearts, and has brought wonderful friends together in love. I am forever grateful to know his words and his amazing son Musa!

    With love and gratitude,
    Mia XO


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