Seven Mirrors by Hasan Askari

After hours of discussion about the question of finality claimed by each revealed religion I returned home so exhausted and perplexed that I had no other way to get to the heart of the mystery but to wait, wait in silence, all arguments set aside, all inner turmoil hushed to point of total surrender. I lighted a candle, burnt some incense, and sat down in that tender light, in that refreshing air.

I stayed for a long time with my eyes closed. I felt I was entering a state resembling sleep. All of a sudden I saw seven mirrors with seven reflected candles. The real candle was not visible. A voice said: There is only one real candle. You can never see it. You can see only its reflections.

The vision stayed before me for sometime and then it disappeared all at once. I was fully awake now. I was startled: I had been given the answer. The vision held the key to the solution of the problem of finality.

The vision was pointing to something more crucial than the familiar idea that each revealed religion held the light from the same source. It was representing something far more decisive that was not so vividly perceptible to us through our discursive approach to the problem. The vision appeared at the limit of that approach. Hence, I continued to ponder keeping the image of those seven mirrors before me, each mirror reflecting the same invisible candle.

What struck me, something which was not so obvious in the beginning, was that each light in each mirror was an immediate reflection of the original light without any interval of time. All belonged to one moment of receiving the image, no one image following the other. If the original candle stands for the eternal presence of the Light of God, all its reflections too were eternally present before it. For God there is neither before nor after, neither past not future, but one eternal present, not like our present but a time that includes without division all times. No one reflection has any priority, whether temporal or qualitative, over the other reflection, their original being one light. The reflections themselves are not many lights. They are one indivisible light even in their reflected status. Only the number and the diversity of mirrors which emerge in the temporal order divide that one reflection into many reflections. Otherwise, we have to suppose as many gods as there are revelations at different moments of history. The vision did not have seven original candles reflected in seven mirrors but only one original candle with seven reflections all at once.

The vision became so decisive for my understanding and further contemplation that I made a small representation of the seven mirrors and one hidden candle to be permanently kept in my room. Each evening I used to light the candle and watch the miracle of its seven reflections filling those mirrors. I could see the seven mirrors with their seven reflections but I could not see their unity as a physical object.

The vision perhaps represents our own reality: our seven powers of touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight, memory and imagination, each a different mirror holding a different picture, and yet all being one light which stands before them, namely the light of judgement, that invisible light without which no faculty can operate, without which there could be no unity of knowledge and consciousness. It is the unity of the act of reason that gives to the diversity of our faculties its validity and organization. Diversity of phenomena is no argument against the unity of their source. One may regard each of our faculties as a “revealed religion”.  

(This reflection from Hasan Askari’s book : Alone to Alone, From Awareness to Vision)

5 thoughts on “Seven Mirrors by Hasan Askari”

  1. Dear Musa,
    Thank you for sharing Hasan’s glorious vision and his contemplation of it. The seven flames reflecting the One is an image that will stay with us to warm our own hearts, as well as the picture of Hasan lighting the candle each night. We especially were touched by the line “Diversity of phenomena is no argument against the unity of their source.” We are all One, regardless of the appearance of separation, and nothing can keep our hearts from awareness of that truth.
    Lee & Steven


  2. Hello dear Musa,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful passage from Hasan’s work. It stirs my Soul and gives me comfort and peace to remember that we are all One, united in the same flame of Divine love. I am forever in awe of Hasan’s message of Unity!

    Love and Blessings,


  3. Dear Musa,

    The few whose mind has merged with their heart have always guided the many on the path to remembrance with great Grace and gentle will. Hasan is one of those and so are you! What an amazing vision and what a beautiful way to share it. Unity holds the memory of our Truth and Hasan’s choice of words, analogies and poetry cannot leave the reader without a sense of wonderment, hope and essential “flashback”. Hasan’s presence is felt through his work, the legacy that you embody so truthfully and the sense of awakening we all feel after our Soul has given us the gift to cross both of your path. May you and your Loved ones know how deeply you are affecting our growth and Life, itself. 🙂


  4. Beautiful experience. consider all sense objects mentione (taste, smell, etc) tobe and view only one of the mirrors. these mirrors are reflections of worlds, eggs, or states of experience each aligned with one of your bodies. You have more than one body, but only see the Physical one in a physical mirror, you also have for example a dream body, astral, causal, mental, and soul body. those “other” bodies can see themselves in their respective mirrors on the inner planes. best advice I can give you is to seek deeper, for ye shall find the Master Soul that will undoubtedly reveal to you the reality of this candle. Hafiz, Rumi, Christ and many more were such Soul’s , guides, Masters, if you will and they will never stop coming. I would estimate that there are 3-6 such soul’s on Earth RIGHT NOW that initiate w/ Sound once they call you.


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