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Musa Askari

Musa Askari, youngest son of the late Professor Syed Hasan Askari, is an independent thinker continuing the work of his teacher and guide through this blog as but one mode of expression for that work. Musa Askari does not belong to any religious or political body. Inspired by his late father’s vision Musa Askari finds himself spiritually at home in all “houses of worship” and systems of thought which echo a universal outlook supporting a wholesome and meaningful engagement with the world about us. A world that is both a wonder and mystery; secular and religious, material and spiritual, physical and meta-physical. Dedicated to the revival of the classical discourse on Soul, Inter-Religious understanding & Spiritual Humanism* as an alternative ideology to secularism and religious fundamentalism.

Recommended reading please see Musa Askari “Spiritual Human Interview” series with thinkers such as: Prof Noam Chomsky, Dr Rowan Williams, Prof Tim Winter/Abdal Hakim Murad , Prof Linda Woodhead, Prof Gregory Barker, Prof of Physics Don Page, MIT Chaplain Robert Randolph, Photo Journalist Jeff Widener who took iconic image of the “Tank Man”

*Spiritual Humanism: See “Towards A Spiritual Humanism” by Hasan Askari/Jon Avery. Also please refer to the speech by Hasan Askari on home page of this blog delivered in 1995.

Please note spiritualhuman[dot]wordpress[dot]com is not responsible for content on links to sites external to this blog.

Spiritual Humanism


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