There Are Only Four Communities

“There are those who do not look beyond this world and its appearances, who are attached to its fortunes, however fleeting, and who insist, either on account of their personal conviction or under the influence of some dominant ideology, on a materialistic outlook. They are to be found in every age, country and culture. They constitute one community however they are distributed into various conflicting identities.

There are those who call themselves religious but are strongly attached to the outward forms of their beliefs and practices. They seem to have substituted religious forms for the material forms, and as they are fanatic about them, they bring about a far greater degree of discrimination and conflict in the world than their materialistic counterparts. They too constitute one community. Though they may belong to totally conflicting religious interests and traditions, they are still like mirror images of one another. When their fanaticism for the outward forms of their religion is combined with their material interests, they create havoc both for themselves and for the rest of the world.

Therefore, let us not be deceived by how these two groups identify themselves, whether as materialists or religious people. Ignore the names they give themselves after some ideology or religion. Beware of the trap: imperceptibly without the slightest awareness on your part, you may be dragged by them into giving yourself a collective name or belief. All of them, as you will often notice, feel uneasy before an unidentified or nameless mode of self-understanding. Unless you are careful, you will soon be a part and parcel of their discourse even when you think you are disagreeing with them. It is how most of the reformers end up as greater fanatics than their opponents. So beware of the outward forms, and those who adore them. At best these outward forms have a value for the species in its collective discipline, but they are a hindrance to the individual.

There are those who look beyond the outer forms of this world and of their religion and culture. They look at their inner meanings and correspondences. They are the individuals. They are not many. They are to be found in every age, country and religion. They are the ones who embody the one indivisible humanity. They are the true humanists. They are one community on account of their inwardness, their interconnection across religious, cultural and historical boundaries. They reflect a deep positive patience. They may stand in one or another house of worship or they may constitute one unbroken fellowship of the spirit. They are the salt of the earth. They are the peacemakers.

And there are those who have gone beyond both the outward and the inward. They have gone beyond themselves. Though they appear as present, they are in reality absent. They are very few, some known and others hidden, even from themselves. They are past even human identification, neither man nor woman, they are a being, pure and transparent. They are the elect. They are the horizon towards which the people of the inward look.

Between the outward looking and the inward looking there is an abysmal gulf. Between the inward and the elect there is a bridge. They are both communities, and also modes of awareness and being*.

“Alone to Alone – From Awareness to Vision” by Hasan Askari *For a detailed discussion about these four modes you may refer to “Towards a Trans-Religious Dimension” in Spiritual Quest: An Inter-Religious Dimension by Hasan Askari.

6 thoughts on “There Are Only Four Communities”

  1. Musa, I don’t know how I missed this post for so long; it’s a great one!

    Interesting point there Phil; I feel as though I myself have transitioned through some of these communities.


  2. All are included in universe’s evolutionary scheme of things. In the first two, the other two are dormant, in the later two the first two are dormant, like day and night. Look at Yin/Yang figure. First belong to white part, the later to black part, In terms of my four basic forces/interactions theory of evolution first belong to gravitational and electromagnetic interactions, later to strong and weak interactions. First are based on duality thru and thru with later we move inwards towards total unification, like we move towards being dead asleep in night. In terms of our individual life first give us childhood and youth, the later middle age and old age, when we too begin to live rather in our inner worlds, the world of thoughts and then even beyond almost the hidden world and experiences. All is the play of four basic forces. It is all there is in my book Self Designed Universe.


  3. An insightful look at the levels of thought and understanding that seem to put up barriers between us. As Hasan pointed out so well, the latter two can understand the first two thought systems, and look on them with love. Unfortunately, the first two are locked into their prejudices until they see the valuelessness for themselves and wish to change. Happily, as Phil pointed out, we can each choose to transition from one group to another.


  4. The energy is incessantly caressing the heart of humanity reminding us all, individually as much as collectively, that there is a deeper sense of brotherhood and sisterhood that has always linked us all. Although, we “know” it, we agreed to forget about it and walk a journey of remembrance.. just for… the “fun” of it.. and also truly to know it. For true knowingness can only emerged out of knowingness + experience.
    The group with a greater awareness must hold the vibration at which it vibrates, in order to pull those “below” its vibrational level, in an infinite dance of expansion towards the Ultimate memory of who we are.
    Know this.. there is no-thing that the most aware must “do” besides openly holding its vibration.
    When Consciousness expands, it is natural for individual energies to align with the greater frequency. As the flow directs its aim to Unity and Oneness.
    Thank you so much Musa and deep reverence to Hasan for bringing this concept into a brilliant and easily digestible work…
    Love and Light


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