Towards Unity

from ”Alone to Alone” by Hasan Askari (1932-2008) published 1991

The very idea of unity is a step towards self unification, towards unity of all that is, which carries within its simplicity the secrets of universal communication and sympathy.

The path that opens up towards self unification leads also to intuitive and revelatory experiences bringing along with them a transparency and a power, a knowledge which results from the abolition of all dichotomies: subject and object, I and you, here and there, now and then, inner and outer, far and near.

The world is then seen as a reflection of multiple dimensions, domains, presences. A great unrest may follow. One may require a guide at this stage.

Time is then multiplied moving, as though, in a circle. The difference between eternal recurrence and eternal “now” might disappear. Great confusion may set in. One prays now for grace.

A power unknown in its might and scope is brought near, a power all the time within us and before us, and yet hidden, the power of the unembodied over the body, of control and direction without physical means, so sacred that it calls for humility and renunciation of all power.

Those who practice patience wait in trust, and those who cannot contain what they have known and seen go mad. Those who combine both the states are the dervishes who whirl with ease and intensity around an invisible axis. Their secret is hidden.

3 thoughts on “Towards Unity”

  1. A beautiful, poetic description of the direct, personal experience of the Divine! As Hasan points out, our willingness to find unity in all things brings us to the place where we come face-to-face with our oneness with All That Is. This is reminiscent of Rumi’s words:
    Ground yourself, strip yourself down,
    To blind loving silence.
    Stay there, until you see,
    You are gazing at the Light
    With its own ageless eyes.
    Thank you Musa for sharing your father’s words.


  2. Oh, thanks again for this wonderful post. It is always a pleasure to read Hasan Askari’s thoughts. “The difference between eternal recurrence and eternal “now” might disappear” –> this is a magical moment. I know it. One of the happiest experiences I had during my meditation practices was the day I realized that every second can be transormed into eternity by mindfulness. Thank you for reminding me of that.
    Take care!

    Thais ( @SuitePhilosophy )


  3. Which heart hasn’t been touched by the way Hasan Askari saw Life and the infinite wisdom it contains? Glimpsing Oneness with the intellect is already such a privilege for many but touching it with Intelligence is pure Genius.
    The greatest experience of all: Experiencing duality as a way to know Unity. The most unfathomable paradox for a mind that hasn’t been gifted with a tool to decipher the mystery.. Only from the Soul can it be sensed. only from the heart can it be remembered.
    Beautiful reflection!
    Thank you Musa, once again.. It feels as if my Soul is drinking at an ever-flowing fountain of cosmic memory… getting drunk with remembrance.
    _/|\_ Bless you and your father..


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