by Hasan Askari

ConsciousnessWould you believe if somebody tells you that when a candle is lighted, its light is restricted only to its flame, and the room in which that candle burns remains dark?Would you say the same thing about the sun when it rises that its light never leaves its fiery orb?Then why do you refuse to believe that when there is a conscious being in the universe, the universe is filled with consciousness?

As you do not focus only on light but on things that are lighted, so you do not know consciousness in itself but are only conscious of this or that thing, this or that idea.

The physical light is a physical thing; however the fastest thing in the universe, yet it cannot surpass the light of consciousness which has nothing to do with quantity, magnitude or energy.

Though the entire universe is within consciousness, it varies in intensity (which is more a question of self-intention) from person to person. In some, consciousness is like a lamp, in some, consciousness is like lightning, and in others, it is like a city on fire.

You can “see” consciousness all in all when you are willing to put out the light within you of the body-bound and ego-centred consciousness.

I was once at a friend’s house. We spent the entire night in both discussion and prayer. Somebody asked, “It is already morning?” Our friend then put out the lamp that stood in one corner. We could then see the light outside, the first light in the sky before the hour of dawn.

(See book by Hasan Askari:  “Alone to Alone : From Awareness to Vision”)

2 thoughts on “Consciousness”

  1. What an amazing reflection and what a world of wealth only in this post.. Musa, I have never had the honor to meet Hasan and yet with you blog, I feel that his discovery, understanding and revelation about our Truth comes alive over and over again..
    The Light within is one that burns first letting the entire universe on fire only for its own greatness.. Within is the genius that vibrates. All that vibrates from it becomes one with it. Tremendous sharing that I, humble messenger, shares wherever I can..
    Bless you
    Love and Light..


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