I never dream

“I never dream” he said to his Teacher

“You are living one now wide awake” she replied

“When I close my eyes and fall asleep, never” he said.

“You wish to see when asleep but not see when eyes are open?” replied the Teacher.

“If I have never seen a dream how can I know the difference between the two modes?” he pleaded.

“Tonight.” she answered.

As he drifted away and crossed the threshold of half consciousness to absence of self consciousness he saw something. He could reach out and touch it. An advancing Light signifying times to come enveloping him in ribbons of light. Colours as varied as Joseph’s Coat. The Master Dream Interpreter. Such calmness and peace. Soon he was swimming in waters warm and serene and tideless. Something was missing and he saw better due to its absence. Fear had abandoned him. Suddenly he realised this was the Form of Happiness itself. He had awakened within.

By Musa Askari

“The sphere of the sense, the Soul in its slumber; for all of the Soul that is in body is asleep and the true getting-up is not bodily but from body: in any movement that takes the body with it there is no more than a passage from sleep to sleep, from bed to bed; the veritable waking or rising is from corporeal things” Plotinus (The Impassivity of the Unembodied: The Enneads)

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