“Seven Thoughts on Love” by Musa Askari

LOVE: A question, an idea, a goal, one of those elusive things that has pre-occupied humanity constantly. Therefore my first thought on love is that it is a “Constant”. Never failing and all Embracing. Crossing all categories of identification and limit. Running through them as like wind rushing through the trees and the leaves flutter all of a sudden coming to life. At times the wind rushes with such speed it overpowers, at others a gentle breeze of embrace and we rest in its arms. It is One & Many and yet no thing in one place or locality. Therefore my second thought is that it is “non-material, not physical” and thus available to all at one and the same time despite the differences in expression it may take in our lives – One Love. Leading by consequence to my third thought, one cannot speak of Love without speaking, or better still, “Remembering” one’s Being as non-material also, namely Soul. For me Love’s origin, in our lives, springs from the depth and breadth of Soul. The individual Soul and above it the Universal Soul. Love is that insignia, that spark within the Soul, that seed, which is pure “Longing”. Yearning to be whole, to be complete, to come to a rest after much wandering. It is love within the Soul that drives it, nay, compels it to yearn and long for its Source, once it realizes it has a Source, if it realizes it has a Source. Therefore, my fourth thought love is also a “returning home”. A fullness of Being.
If I had a choice of either constantly feeling Love’s embrace through Soul or choosing that from which the Loving Embrace originates, its Source, I would give up love and choose the Home of Love instead. For what could be more “Loving” than that which inspires the Love I feel and seek, which my Soul feels and seeks? Therefore, my fifth thought, love is also to perhaps “forsake love”, to give it up at the final stage of Soul’s journey. After much wandering and longing, love has brought my Soul from shore to shore, over still and raging oceans only to realise to cross that last threshold there can be no duality. “Do not say two. Say One!” (Hasan Askari). I must give up even the feeling of love and be within, as they say “In-Love”. The ship of the seas is no use now. The journey is of another kind. There in that Realm Soul purified of all its ills and hypnosis, filled with the Vision of Visions, there nothing what I think of love or feel is of any use. What gift can I bring to the Giver of all gifts? No gift will suffice except my very Being, my Soul. I bring it back as it was given, “empty” of all projections. Empty with only that remaining which was given in fullness. “Wheresoever one looks, one sees the Face of one’s Glorious and Majestic Lord” (Quran). It is forgotten that this ayat (verse) is more about the Soul than anything else.
What more drop of love can I add to the Source of Love itself? Then I, as Soul, realise with tears of joy and thankfulness, the Love within my Soul which drew me near to the Source, powerful and wondrous as it was, the wind in my sails, is nothing but an image of the Reality of Love. I give up the image and turn to the Original. Where Love is complete, simple, a Unity of all unities. Therefore my sixth thought, love is “pure”. And after such purification there is perhaps only one thing to do. Be humble with bowed head, to wait in patience for the “Beloved” to arrive. At that threshold one does not enter by one’s will for personal will was left far behind in the earlier stages of the journey. One is invited to enter at the behest of the Beloved – to be “in” Love. As the bride waits for the arrival of the bridegroom, an image well illustrated within the Indian custom as among others. And for that invitation, for that recognition, one would wait an eternity if one had to. This is “loyalty” at its peak. For there is no other to turn to. That is why perhaps we now can have a clue in the beautiful adage, “Home is where the Heart Is”.

One may be wondering why I have not referred to Beauty. Ah, but what to speak of Beauty at this stage, All is Beautiful. Love & Beauty are in Union now. And that is my seventh thought; “Beauty” itself. It drew me from the First and draws me to the Last. Should one be invited to enter in to that “Presence”, the journey continues and I cannot speak on that at present for that is Mystery, Beyond Being.

There is knowledge of Unity-Oneness (Tawhid) and then there is Unity-Oneness it-Self. The two are not the same. Words are of no use at that highest stage.
With such a vision, with love considered, in my view considered properly with Soul, one can then engage with the world, with family, relationships, friends, neighbours, “strangers” (in truth there are no strangers to the Soul), seeing that behind all such relationships is the same Love, one-many. “In Love” there is no such thing as the “other”. All are One. Then one may say with utmost sincerity, “Your soul and my soul are one Soul. Your God and my God is One God.” (Hasan Askari).

Of particular interest, spiritually, across diverse traditions, has been and remains the relationship between Master-Disciple, Guide-Guided and Teacher-Pupil. That relationship sits within my heart and Soul all the days of my Life. Beyond grateful to have known it and know it still.

*The pendulum swing of Life. Life as a Soul, un-embodied, embodied and un-embodied once more. On the upward swing “we are of God and unto God we return”. On the downward swing, “we are of God and unto God we return”. Only as Souls can one recite this. 

From Love, With Love and In Love now and forever.  Amen!

*(photograph, January 1995, Hasan Askari & Musa Askari)

*(Thank you to Rahul Singh for asking me about “Love”)

* “It is not because the world existed that souls are here: before the world was, they had it in them to be of the world, to concern themselves with it, to presuppose it, to administer it: it was in their nature to produce it – by whatever method, whether by giving forth some emanation while they themselves remained above, or by an actual descent, or in both ways together, some presiding from above, others descending…”

Plotinus, On Providence, The Enneads.

16 thoughts on ““Seven Thoughts on Love” by Musa Askari”

  1. What reading will be better than reading about Love. And whoelse can talk about it better than Hasan in the modern times.


  2. Dear Musa,
    You have the soul of a poet, I have told you that before. This is a beautiful post, as usual. Like you, I also believe that the love between humans is a microcosm of the Real Love, which is that between the soul and its source. People should be able to see a bit of the Universal Love reflected in the art of loving another person, but unfortunately, people have forgotten their true nature. Thanks for this beautiful insight. Take care!


  3. You have perfectly expressed the path to finding totality in awareness of ones own soul. You have a remarkable grasp of the language of love.


  4. The Giver of All Gifts longs for us to do as He does—give. He does not want us to give ourselves back to Him. He wants us to give ourselves to others—to share His Light with everyone we see. I do not give gifts to my children and expect them to give them back. I expect them to make proper and grateful use of them—by delighting in them and then sharing them yet with others. That said, of course, all children want to please their parents—really—no matter what the TV might say—and so we delight in giving ourselves back to the Beloved by being OURSELVES—by being the person He created us to be—the one and only us—the never before created spark of the Divine. And what does the Beloved do when we offer ourselves to Him? He smiles and says, “Thank you, dear ones, now go, go out into the world and play—take my Light with You and shine—shine it in every dark corner so that all may see that they are loved.”


  5. Thank you so much, I really loved this! When you find the home of love it becomes possible for Love itself to work through your hands, to feel with your heart, and to understand with your mind.


  6. Musa
    This is Sayeed from new jersey
    You write like askari sab man
    Good good good. I was
    Askari sahibs student in Sociology dept 1973-75 when you were very little.


  7. Excellent true Profound beautiful wonderful thank you!

    Perhaps you will allow me to share an excerpt from my manuscript/book, Seeking Communion here:

    Main >> Personal Interests >> My Favorite Places

    Search | Help

    Releasing Attachments

    One night in 1976 I was on the boundary between life and death, and remember saying, “I’m ready, GOD! Are you there?” The instant that I let go of all I clung to, I knew that I was not alone. “I” vanished, yet some point of awareness remained which witnessed–GOD help me express it–all that is, was or could be, as an infinite communion of… of radiance and pure joy and… from the center of it all came a Love that “spoke” to me, a Light that was not me, but was also not separate from me. At that point, “I” was nothing but acceptance, gratitude and joy. There was no separation, no division at all.

    The creative Source, limitless “I Am,” infinite love and boundless joy, filled my whole being and overflowed. I felt free to do nothing, or anything! So chop wood, carry water and love all (both inside and outside your skin)! In choosing to love, you find Love. GOD says, “You are loved. You are free.”

    In some societies, people who surrender to GOD/Being Itself are healers, prophets, medicine men and women of the society. When humanity awakens, as one family/world, and all delusions of ego are given up, let go of, we won’t ignore or suppress the truth of communal inter-dependence. To give and receive love are basic needs and are the best conscious choices possible. And they give life its sacred Quality. We need to withdraw our projections and integrate our shadows! We are each other’s children, parents, siblings, friends, Soul. Much illness results from the disparity between our need for Quality, the natural and holy love and beauty that make life worth living, and the economic-political system/authority that worships Mammon, the god of “I profit at all costs.”

    The most important, valuable aspect of life is the quality of our relationships with each other, the world, GOD and all we encounter. My experience is that Jesus’ teachings essentially agree with the teachings of all who care about the sacred Quality of life. Jesus said, “He who seeks his own life shall lose it.” Buddha said, “Give up selfish desires. They are at the root of suffering.” Same principle.

    Truth is truth, no matter who teaches it. False is false, no matter how many believe it.

    To Title Page: Seeking Communion by Steven Terry Marsh (c. 1994)


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