A Farewell Wish

Whiter than white, The setting sun departs, Bidding goodnight, Pain in my heart

Hope to see you again my friend, Pay tribute to you as you descend, In your wake, The Sky: Still, Clear, And light, A lone bird takes its final flight, Settling for the night

Earlier I recollect, Strength of your heat upon my chest, A feeling strong, Holding me down, For a moment, No escape to be found

Thanks to you I see the mess, Objects that cause my distress, Shelter of shade, Easy to find, But what am I to do? When these objects I still cling to

Take me with you as you set, Free me from which I am beset, Tell me how when clouds hinder the way your Light still shines through? What am I to do?

Dear Friend of mine, you come from which That is impossible to define, So grant me this fare-well wish, As your light here begins to diminish, Promise me you will return, For my heart without Him would surely burn.

By Musa Askari

2 thoughts on “A Farewell Wish”

  1. Hello Musa,
    That is a moving tribute for sure. The relationship you had with your father, Hasan, is a gift to the world! It is wonderful to see you continue to share in his gift of writing. It is of the Soul.~Mia


  2. We hold within us our own light. One of hope and compassion. It is that comfort that guides our spirits in the dark, in those moments we find ourselves hidden in the shadows of discourage and fear.

    Beautiful verse, filled with longing for the teacher to remain.

    Even the sun must set and rest, and so our spirits require nourishment. Only with an equal measure of both the light and dark, do we find the balance. (Hugs)Indigo


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