Plotinus, father of Neo-Platonism

“This is not a journey for the feet; the feet bring us only from land to land; nor need you think of coach or ship to carry you away; all this order of things you must set aside and refuse to see; you must close the eyes and call instead upon another vision which is to be waked within you, a vision, the birthright of all, which few turn to see.”

by Plotinus

The Enneads, 1.6 “On Beauty”

Plotinus on Soul – History of Philosophy :–A

One thought on “Plotinus, father of Neo-Platonism”

  1. I am touch by such beauty & inspiration & truly honoured that your soul exists to pass in such wisdom – I set out to understand myself my path my birthrite in august 2000, i hav always been blessed with deep awareness of myself & the world around me, however I wanted to understand what was behind everything it’s been 11 years of highs / very very deep lows, however getting to my true self takes grit determination self will & allowing & to Get through the hurt & emense pain! I hav made leaps & I hv climbed mountains ~ in the words of Mandela – once you hav conquered the mountain & reach the top u are able to see the vast beauty & the see on the horizon – but to get there u need to get through the thousand more mountains that lay ahead, however if u look back u will see that u hav conquered the hardest ones & the talest that u are Currently standing on, & that should be ur motivation – never let the other smaller thousand stop u, for when u reach the golden sands and that warm crystal see water, the swim & feeling of freedom is more beautiful than ever imagined, & when u look back & see the distance & hardship you walked through, you suddenly realise that you are stronger & more powerful that life itself, & the only “thing” more powerful than life is your soul! Currently I am standing on the tallest moutain, I can see the sea, I can feel the air, & I will make it,!

    I am honored Musa, it’s a blessing getting to know you!

    Janet xxx


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