The Feet of our Lady by Hasan Askari

“It was once staying for a week at the Retreat House of St. Raphaela-Mary outside Philadelphia.

In the corridors were those night-lights, tiny lamps, a few inches above the floor on either side along the walls.

As I returned one night after a long and exhaustive discussion with Jews and Christians on the meaning of revelation, and as I passed through the corridor leading to my room, I was struck by those little lights on either side of the corridor. An image came before my eyes – The Feet of Mary. As she walks she leaves her traces behind.

I had to start for the airport the following day quite early in the morning. As I was waiting for the taxi all by myself at that early hour, one of the Sisters of Clare who looked after the Retreat House unexpectedly brought me a hot cup of coffee, and said: I came to say Good-Bye to you, and also to thank you for what you taught me about “The Feet of our Lady!”

By Hasan Askari

from “Alone to Alone” ISBN 1 873685 77 7

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